SWOT Membership

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We are a fun group. Lots of great folks from all walks of life. We like to talk about our hobby using our hobby.

Technical Expertise

A lot of members have knowledge to share from all aspects of the Amateur Radio hobby.

Propagation Challenges

Weather, temperature, aircraft, seasons, sunspots, meteors, aurora borealis, and humidity all affect VHF and above propagation. You never know when you might make an exceptional contact.

Awards and Contesting

With the smaller antennas that VHF and above provides, many operators can join in the competition in HOA restricted areas. Rover stations are a big part of the action because of the areas they can reach.

Join the Side Winders on Two Radio Club

Side Winders on Two Radio Club page:

Work two stations with SWOT numbers and fill out the membership form located on the main SWOT Radio Club Web page listed below.


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